Perforated Pool Fence 90 Degree Corner Bracket

Perforated Pool Fence 90 Degree Corner Bracket

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Perforated Pool Fence 90 Degree Corner Bracket

Patterned product. AS1926.1 pool safe and compliant with full structural engineering.

Materials required to assemble perforated panel

38x38x6500 Perforated Pool Fence Frame & cover clip x 1

1140mm x 1960 x 2.5mm Perforated Panel Infill with 9.5mm perf (finished panel 1180mm (H) x 2000mm (W)

(install panel with minimum 25mm - 100mm max gap under the panel to achieve the minimum installed height of 1200mm.).

4 x 90 degree corner bracket

32 x 10g x 16 x 16 SKU 45889B Wafer head #2 SQ drive self driller G304SS screw.

Framing cutting and assembly:

  1. Tools required - Drill Driver with #2 Sq drive bit, Angle Grinder with 1mm cut off blade for cutting perf sheets to desired size if required, Aluminium mitre saw to cut framing at 45 degree angle each end & sanding disk or flap disk attached to grinder to sand the corner brackets if needed for perfect fit.
  2. 1 x 6500 framing kit makes 1 x 2000 meter completed panel.
  3. Add 40mm to the frame cut length of the perf panel size. eg 1140x1960 perf panel would become 1180x2000mm. 2 x 1180mm 45 deg mitre cut, 2 x 2000mm 45 degree mitre cut.
  4. the corner brackets are inserted into the frame and screwed through the perf sheet into the frame and into the bracket creating a super strong connection.
  5. screw 4 screws into each corner and then every 200-300mm spacing for the remaining sheet, then snap on cover clip to hide all fixings.

Why choose UFENCEIT Perforated Pool Fence?

  1. Premium marine grade aluminium
  2. Easy to clean & low maintenance
  3. Strong and durable market leading 38x38 extruded frame, not 38x25 like some of our competitors, buyer beware.
  4. Our unique corner bracket design allows the frame to be fastened together offering superior strength, safety and peace of mind. We offer 90 degree for standard framing and 135 degree for raked panel framing. You can make standard rectangles, raked panels and stepped panels with ease using this exclusive product.
  5. Premium stainless steel self drilling wafers supplied, not cheap galvanized fasteners like our competitors.
  6. We are based in Canning Vale WA with a massive 2200m2 warehouse. feel free to come in and speak with our sales team or call or email us. We are here to help.

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